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Why Create Trellis Consulting?

Andrew McLellan
September 2, 2022

Why Start Trellis Consulting?

Hello! I'm Andrew, and I'm the founder of Trellis Consulting. Trellis Consulting supports the growth of agencies, in-house teams, and investors in meeting their marketing goals.

After almost 15 years working in various agencies, I found a significant shortage in the market of high-quality, short-term help. There are start-ups with limited budgets, people who need help getting started, or pros who have excess projects they need to do right the first time. Trellis Consulting was born out of the idea that companies should be able to get the help they need when they need it, and not a moment more.

Let's break down how we help for each segment:


Having worked with many agencies of different sizes, we know that the work can be challenging and time-consuming. A client can start, and suddenly there isn't enough bandwidth to cover what is needed. A leader of an important department can leave, and there's not enough time to fill the overlap with the new hire. There could be the need for a bridge with a client relationship while searching for a new account manager. Trellis Consulting can help agencies with short-term needs (or emergencies) to ensure clients are serviced right. Also, since Trellis Consulting does not take on long-term projects, we send leads to agencies that best fit our clients.

In-House Teams

It can be challenging for in-house marketers to meet ever-increasing growth goals with shrinking budgets. Some campaigns require additional help, but a long-term contract would be onerous when the need to pivot on a dime takes top priority. Trellis Consulting focuses on helping with short-term marketing consulting and fulfillment so that an in-house team can fire on all cylinders when needed or ramp down when not required. Also, since we have an extensive background in agencies, we can help vet a new RFP or an existing agency to ensure teams get the total value from the relationship. If a long-term need for fulfillment arises, we help find the best fit based on the actual conditions, not just what someone can sell.


When deploying capital, it's essential to make sure money is allocated efficiently and investments are getting the diligence they require. We help investors review portfolio companies or potential investments for an opportunity. Trellis Consulting has worked on both the buy and sell side of agency acquisitions and can help with due diligence when acquiring an agency. We also work with investors to review marketing and sales strategies for portfolio companies to provide value and accelerated growth.

Let Us Help

Trellis Consulting focuses on helping as many companies as possible with their growth goals. Contact us today to find out how we can support your growth.